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"In three weeks, you'll live up to our name."

Sanity Falls University
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About the University...?
Sanity Falls University is located in... well, you don't need to know! But it is a multi-fandom RP that envelopes characters from Naruto, Bleach and Harry Potter. There will be no clones, since there are enough characters in each series, if not more than enough. It is an alternate universe role-play, as well as a 'played by' style. Which means each character has a celebrity who plays their character.

There is no restriction on what kind of celebrity... Actor, singer, etc! And they can be from any country you like! All the families will remain the same, the only things that are subject to change are age, hair, etc. Pairings are completely up to the role-players and how things develop.

And the rules are...?
01. There will be no doubles!!! None.
02. OCs are not optional until ALL available fandom characters have been taken.
03. Consult any of the staff if you have a question.
04. All OOC remarks will/should be posted at our OOC journal. Though, if you make an lj-cut at your character journal for OOC comments, that is fine.
05. DO NOT bash/insult/verbally assault another character/RPer unless it is meant in no harm! We don't want that sort of drama!
06. You can have up to 3 characters, 1 from each fandom!
07. If you plan to drop a character, let us know, please!
08. If you plan to change characters, again, it is essential that you let us know!
09. If you have problem with yaoi, yuri, heterosexual or cross-fandom pairings, don't apply... Just don't!

If and when accepted, the Friends' List Cheat will come in handy! <3

Interested in applying...?
Well, you can send an e-mail to Sachira (sunanin@gmail.com) with the character you desire to be in the subject. But here is the application you must fill out for her:

Your Name: (Or nickname)
Your Age: (Must be mature!!!!)
Your personal journal:(If you have one)
The character you want to be: _____________ (List Fandom)
What changes will you make to this character?
(If they are old enough to be a teacher, let me know the positions you'd be interested in!)
Writing/Journal entry example:
(Show us your work, this is key to Sachira's decision on you RPing with us.)
Do you have any questions?
(Ask anyyyyyything here!)

Before you apply, please look at the taken characters list!!!

narukorp ~ Naruko RP
Contact Sachira (sunanin@gmail.com) if you are interested.